Short Story

Photo by Shirly Niv Marton on Unsplash

It was a regular afternoon. The Wednesday scene had already found its way inside the small café. The air was misty, somewhat damp from the almost continuous stream of coffee from the machine. Sterling, sitting at his usual spot, breathed in the caffeinated air and a partial smile crept to his lips.

He was more or less comfortable in this scene, where the only conversation stemmed from the waitress who had by now learned he wanted black coffee, period. Other than that, no one heeded an old man who enjoyed chess. He played and time passed.

The bell above the…

Short Story

Photo by Abby Lim on Unsplash

Penelope waited. Waited like she had been waiting every night for two weeks for her husband to come home. She sat on the floor of their bedroom looking at the pictures that followed their life. There were many of their wedding, their honeymoon, and a few from the holidays. They looked happy, and for a while, Penelope had believed in their happiness.

She took out a box from underneath their bed and opened it. Inside were baby clothes and toys that Penelope had been collecting for some time. Pink and yellow dresses for the girls, blue overalls, and caps for…

Field of Wishes

Poet. Writer. Hunter of Brilliance. Instagram: @fieldofwishes

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